How big are football goalposts?

Are you a sports fanatic but have no idea how big a football goalpost is? Do you want to know a football goal’s post height, width, and depth? In this article, we’ll walk you through it.

The dimensions of goalposts differ depending on the age group.

Football is an immensely popular sport and is played by young and old. The principle of the game is the same, although some details and rules have been changed.

One of the details is that youth football is played on a smaller field up to a certain age. Another detail is that the goals can differ in size.

We will go through all official goal dimensions to give you a little more insight.

Why are goalposts round in football?”

Of course, football is a sport with goalpost. The goalposts of a goal are always round, but why is this so? Stuart Bloom from is looking into it.

How big is a target?

A goal (goal) on the football field is 2.44 meters high and 7.32 meters wide.

The goalposts may be made of any material but are often made of wood or aluminum. Most shapes are also allowed.

The poles must be as thick as the line on which they stand and therefore have a maximum diameter of 12 centimeters (this is the maximum thickness of a line).

Round instead of square

Why are the goalposts in soccer sport round and not square if you can use all shapes?

There is a simple reason for this: a round aluminum post is easier and cheaper than a square one. The goal makers also want to make the game as fair as possible because if the ball lands on a round goal post, it can still go in any direction: into the goal or next to the goal.

This is less applicable to a square post since the post has corners.

Which football goal should I buy?

It is useful to consider several things to choose the best football goal for yourself or your children.

This way, you can take into account, among other things, the location, the type of game, and the age of the users before you buy a soccer sport goalposts.

Below you will find the advantages of a football goal with a small and large size.

Advantages of mini football goalposts

The big advantage of a small football goal is its suitability for small gardens and spaces. A small goal can also be safely used indoors.

The small football goalpost is suitable for children from 3 years. For young children up to the age of 7 or 8 years, we recommend choosing football posts in a small size because of the small size with the safety and weight of the targets.

The lightweight mini football goals made of metal are also ideal for taking with you on a trip to the campsite or beach. Due to the handy size and the handy click system, the football goals posts hardly occupy space.

Advantages of a larger football goalposts

If you have a large garden or area, a football goal with a large size is suitable. If you want to play a match or a game of football with friends, a larger football goalpost, with a metal frame and net, is ideal.

A large football goal is also necessary for children who want to practice their football skills, such as goalkeeping or shooting at a goal.

The football goalsposts made of metal with dimensions of 300 x 205 x 120 cm are suitable for children aged 7 and over.

Tip: You can also use tent pegs for extra strength. Use the pegs to secure the bottom more firmly in the ground.

Tip: To enjoy the football goalposts longer, it is wise to store the goals indoors during the harsh winter days.

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Author: Girish Kapoor