Are You Breathing Well?

This is Breathing 101. It will be easy because you already know how to breathe. However, you must ensure that you are breathing correctly if you want to use the Valsalva maneuver.

It is important to see your diaphragm in two distinct parts so you can understand how you breath.

Your diaphragm divides the inside of your body into two cavities: one upper (thoracic), and one lower (abdominal). It is the muscle that controls breathing. Your diaphragm presses against your abdominals when you inhale. This draws air into your lungs, creating more space within your body.

Dr. Dooley explains that the diaphragm should drop downwards so that the lungs feel like a vacuum. Kathy Dooley is a New York City-based chiropractor and anatomy instructor.

Bad posture can also prevent your diaphragm’s ability to do its job properly.

Vranich states that if your abdominals are holding onto your diaphragm it won’t allow you to take a large inhale. You’ll need to hold your inhale with your shoulders if you want to take a large inhale. Your diaphragm will be squeezed.

What should this look like? Your diaphragm may be working properly if your belly moves inwards when you breathe in. Although it might make you feel self-conscious, you will feel much better and be able to create a gut.

This is called “vertical breathing.” It achieves the biologically required goal of getting oxygen to your body (because you still need it and your body won’t allow that not to happen). However, this creates many other problems.

Poor breathing can lead to serious health problems

Vertical breathing can cause pain in your neck if you do it regularly. This is because vertical breathing tightens your neck and shoulders. Vertical breathing is a common technique for massage therapists.

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